Viperine XF

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Viperine XF

Postby Fran » Sat Aug 19, 2017 3:10 pm

Player Name: Fran

Date Found: 17/08/2017

Platform: Android

Device: Samsung galaxy J1(2016) (SM-J120M)

Bug Report: When I boost, it's normal that the camera downs a little, for aesthetic purposes and also for a difficult view.. it's okay with many cars, but with this one, VIPERINE XF, I can't see anything on the lane that I'm, resulting in a lot of crashes. I tested with others class S cars and they're okai.

Here's a proof:

Also, on the main menu, the car icon doesn't load when I use this pink color.

And the lisence plate.. looks very weird.

*I already tried reinstalling the game, deleting data/cache, restarting phone, but nobody fixed.

Thank you for listening me.

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