Stuck at the first car upgrade with not enough cash

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Stuck at the first car upgrade with not enough cash

Postby hvianna » Sat May 14, 2016 3:04 pm

Player Name: Flyin Beagle

Date Found: 14/05/2016

Platform: iOS

Device: iPad mini 2

Bug Report:

I finished the first race challenge (against a CPU opponent) and the tutorial continued to the car upgrade screen. Now it tells me I need to buy 5 components to install a module, but I only had $10,000 - I bought the two modules I could afford and now I'm stuck at this screen:


See the purchase button is glitched, because I tried to go back and it returned to that screen. Also, the text says I have 0 modules, but I actually have 2 already (it shows two lit gears on the previous screen).

It may be worth to notice that after I finished the race I got the message "Server down for maintenance" and after a while on that screen the game continued apparently normally.

Edit: I deleted the game and installed it again and this time I got the race cash prize and modules, so everything is working. But you guys might want to check if the player was able to sucessfully receive the prizes or else revert to the beginning of the race.
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